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Everything You Need To Know About Our Sublimation Transfers

Posted by Staff on 20th Jul 2020

Sublimation transfers are long-lasting & permanently fixed to the garment you put them on. In comparison to vinyl, these transfers offer the ability to place photos & complex designs on garments without weeding and layering.

The sublimation process is unique and for the transfer to work, it must be applied to polyester with a heat press. We recommend 100% polyester garments when using sublimation transfers.

We offer many transfers to our customers that are available to order online. We also will print custom designs for you.

How To Apply:

  1. To prevent burn marks from appearing on your garment, slowly tear the edges of the transfer paper to where there will not be a straight edge. 
  2. Place the transfer on the garment
  3. You may attach the transfer with heat tape, if necessary
  4. Set heat press to medium pressure
  5. Press transfer at 385 degrees for 45 seconds
  6. Remove transfer and your garment is ready!

Happy crafting!